Take the Kids to Corsica


Why –

Its a perfect mixed holiday destination; adventurous, yet with plenty
of opportunity to relax on its wonderful beaches or over a Mediterranean feast. Corsica has only been French for 200 of its 4000 year history, so it offers something rather special – it has remnants of many different cultures, all of which have had an impact on its food, architecture and character.  Its a wild, mountainous, beautiful place, but with the sophistication of any French resort. Take the kids sailing, diving, rafting, riding and hiking or if that sounds all too exhausting, put your feet up on the balcony of a seaside hotel with a glass of the local red.

Do – Corsica excels in extreme sports, although easily modified for children. The best ideas for little ones are to take them sailing from any number of beach companies, try riding up into the hills or along the coast. There is white-water rafting for the older children as well as excellent fishing and diving. Try taking the train – either along the coast, or into the hinterland, its a wonderful way to explore and the scenery is stunning.

Eat – Corsican cuisine is fabulous; influenced as it is by French and Italian cooking. There are enough familiar dishes to satisfy fussy children, but often given a unique Corsican twist. It’s a fertile and lush island with wonderful local ingredients and some acclaimed wines. The chestnut is described as the most important ingredient in Corsican cuisine, used in delicious sauces and stews. Locally produced cheeses and meats are
superb and as an island, fresh fish dishes are, of course, the highlight.


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