Turkish response to Syrian crisis – to be researched

Five points to discuss –

  1. Turkey has gone to great lengths – acknowledged by the international community to provide refuge for the vast numbers of desperate Syrians crossing in to Turkey on a daily basis and asking for help. According to latest government figures (27/10/13) over 600,000 Syrian refugees are now living within Turkey, in tented and container camps, in parks and public land and with Turkish families who have taken them in. More camps are being built to accommodate expected arrivals.

  2. The camps are organized in the main. There appears to be running water in all of them, which is freely available, electricity, health services (check if this is sponsored overseas!), security and an identity card which comes with a line of credit according to size of family.

  3. Discussion in Turkey and in the wider international community that allowing the border to remain open has given the ‘green light’ to Jihadists to cross into Syria from Turkey. ‘A deadly ISIS member, for example, who escaped from Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq and is now in Gaziantep, Turkey on his way to Syria, was featured this week in an interview that aired on Al Aan, an Arabic-language TV station based in Dubai..’ sic

  4. It is difficult for foreign and national journalists to enter the camps to talk to people. The registration process is lengthy, complicated and restrictive. A long line of journalists have gathered in Gaziantep awaiting process.

  5. There is some speculation that Turkish authorities are shying away from news reports to avoid stoking xenophobia among the local communities. Just this week in Gaziantep, small numbers of nationalistic Turks circulated “anti-war” flyers against Turkish military intervention in Syria.

  6. To be discussed – feelings amongst Turks living in the South West – reports so far have been markedly sympathetic and supportive. People appear to be supportive of President Erdogan’s stance and note the money given by the UNCHR towards the crisis.

  7. European heads anxious at possible influx of refugees into Europe (example of Egypt’s


6 thoughts on “Turkish response to Syrian crisis – to be researched

  1. He’s an interesting man – actually I think its EUobserver – he does a blog there – did quite a bit on Egypt as well – did you finish those pieces – I’d like to see them xxx

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