Air Bnb – the trials and tribulations of renting your house out!

Air Bnb

It seems like such a good idea!  And for many it has been.  A chance to make money out of your own property – renting your house out while you are away in order to pay for your holiday, brilliant!  What could go wrong?

For Air Bnb to really work, you need a second property, or a granny flat or a spare room.  I know several people who have made quite a bit of money out of it and are very happy to have strangers upstairs, but on my own with a small child, I’m wary of having strangers in the house.  Instead I decided that I would clear and clean my whole house out – put personal things into the attic and be away when visitors come to stay.  All good so far, except for the fact that packing your whole house up for a weekend, is mad and exhausting and also that people don’t necessarily come when they say they will.

I’d rented my house out for the whole Easter break, or so I thought.  I needed to be away obviously, so booked a week in Italy and a week taking up my parent’s spare bedroom.  Great, except they cancelled at the last minute and I found myself on a holiday I couldn’t cancel, spending money I didn’t have.  The same thing has happened this summer – I rented my house out for a couple of weeks, planned a camping holiday in France for the same time.  They changed their dates, I couldn’t – now I’m on holiday when my house is empty and having to stay in my parent’s spare room again when I get back.

I’m not sure I’ve quite got this sussed and as I trudge up and down to the attic with all my possessions and clean the house to a frenzy of sparkly beauty, I’m beginning to regret that I ever started it.


2 thoughts on “Air Bnb – the trials and tribulations of renting your house out!

    • I think it suits most people really well and I’m coming round to it more now I’ve done it a few times – its just quite hard at the beginning when its your own house and your own stuff.

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