A Few Comments from the Housing Petition

Mick Garrod MBE, United Kingdom
It is appalling that the apparant inability of the the SHDC to produce an acceptable 5 year Plan can produce a “Loophole” through which greedy developers can scramble. Where is the local “need for homes” and on what evidence is this need based ? What is the Local District Councillor for Totnes doing about it ? What is the elected MP for Totnes doing about it ? Why is this being allowed to happen ? What about the increased risk of flooding when Greenfield sites are concreted over? What has happened to the Totnes Planners ? The whole thing just blows your mind and is such a big issue that the MP for Totnes should call for an immediate suspension of all new build planning applications on Greenfield sites until a Government independant review / investigation has been completed. Local residents must be involved in the investigation. If for whatever reason the SHDC is unable to produce a 5 year Plan that takes local residents concerns on board then they should stand up and be counted and not be too proud to ask for external help. Get an immediate 2 year ban on all new build housing applications on Greenfield sites to create some breathing space, during which time the 5 year Plan is produced (with external help if necessary). Everybody should sign this petition so that it is placed on the doorstep of No 10 where it belongs as quickly as possible.
Name not displayed, United Kingdom
many people in totnes want to build their own houses and live in communities. Let the land around totnes be available to these type of projects prior to quick new builds.
Stella Misa, United Kingdom
A lot of these houses are very ugly and do not age well which will cheapen the area. Also, traffic flow is already a problem. How will this be addressed going forward?
Richard Whistance, United Kingdom
The road system around Totnes is already at critical mass and these developments are only making the congestion worse
Tyler Cornelius, United Kingdom
This building is a serious negative impact to the beauty of south Devon and Totnes. The tone does not have the infrastructure to support it and it is not in the interest of affordable housing.
Name not displayed, United Kingdom
Totnes is a place of outstanding beauty. The tampering of such should be avoided at all costs.
Celia Cooper
Our environment is precious-don’t allow it to. Destroyed by greedy developers
Rona Bromley, United Kingdom
We don’t need more new houses – we need fewer second homes! In the beginning, towns arose only because they were supported by the countryside – even in today’s technological age, without the land we are nothing. Another point – is it surprising we are experiencing more flooding with more concrete development reducing floodplains, bogs and natural ‘sinks’ – covering hills in wind turbines doesn’t help either as each turbine has a huge concrete base … that certainly destroys upland water retention and drainage. We are such fools, and the world would be better off without our destructive idiocies.
Name not displayed, United Kingdom
I live in Bristol now but was in Totnes for many years before that. Got great love for the surrounding countryside and don’t believe that this is the way to tackle the housing crisis.
Amy Whittingham, United Kingdom
Totnes attracts visitors for a reason, it is an unique and independant place. It will lose its views, charm and character as a result of building on mass to line corporate pockets.
colette hollinson, United Kingdom
Far too many houses being built on our green belt land and they are not for people in need as no one who needs them can afford them!! They are going to wealthy people who want a holiday home and very often are empty in the winter!! They are ruining our beautiful Totnes and nearby Dartington and soon their will be no more lovely green fields or any wildlife as their habitat is being taken away.
Liz Masters, United Kingdom
The traffic issues in Totnes are already an issue with through traffic to the rest of South Hams, extra vehicles from these new houses is going to bring things to a standstill.
Name not displayed, United Kingdom
I have spent a lot of my childhood in Totnes, and I have enjoyed my time there immensely because of the uniqness of the beautiful place. And have taken many family and friends there and informed people to go there and visit, each and everyone of them have loved it. If you destroy it with more buildings it will lose it’s beautiful charm and visitors and lovely essence.
Karin Jordan, United Kingdom
There are alternatives which balance the need for housing with the ethos, aesthetics and supportive lifestyle of Totnes. Explore the alternatives and be proud of what you build or enable others to build.
Darren James, United Kingdom
Sustainability is the key we’re being pushed down the wrong path here.
Damian Kitt, United Kingdom
The majority of these houses are way beyond the financial reaches of the local populus, and are destrying the local countryside and general feel of the area
Rhiannon Augenthaler, United Kingdom
More building would take away the character of the place, therefore less tourists, therefore less money into local economy.
Dave Jones, United Kingdom
If it was building homes to meet the needs of local working people, it wouldn’t be quite so bad, but instead we see our highly visible green hillsides scarred with construction of unreachably and astronomically priced ‘investment opportunities’. Utterly biased toward profiteering and luxury rather than essential social need, but I suppose that is the nature of Britain these days.
Anne Albrechtsen, United Kingdom
The town is already a dangerous bottleneck fir passing traffic without adding more housing. There isn’t the jobs for theses people..or schools medical resources etc
christopher mockridge, United Kingdom
Letting the last dairy farm in Totnes was the last straw for me. Get a plan together SHDC. And, er, how about restoring the other two scrutiny committees?
Nigel Woodward, United Kingdom
I totally agree this is a disaster for Totnes mainly because of the lack of infrastructure,particularly an adequate road system which is impossible because of its location.I can see the Riverside development clearly from my house and I can assures you the houses look rubbishy bearing in mind their fantastic location.
Peter Bending, United Kingdom
We need affordable housing for local people built in sustainable location this large quantity of houses designed solely for the profit of land owners and developers will do nothing to help local people on minimum wages to get on the housing ladder
Alice Corby, United Kingdom
They don’t suit the character of Totnes or Devon at all, should development happen at this scale houses should at least try to visually incorporate with the area.
Vivienne Clark, United Kingdom
The Atmos project is the only decent example of ethical development in this area of late. We, the people, do not need unaffordable houses. We require affordable homes for local people, constructed in a responsible manner, with due consideration taken with regard to local infrastructure – such as school, doctors and traffic congestion.
Robin de Carteret, United Kingdom
We want appropriate zero carbon sustainable homes with accompanying infrastructure and encouragement of public transport use or car share – just like the planned ATMOS scheme.


Susan Roper

The promises of affordable housing have turned out to be a lie.  This is entirely about making money at the expense of our lovely town and of our countryside.  They should be ashamed.

Kathryn Mount

If the houses were for local people, were truly affordable and were of a more innovative, sustainable and imaginative design and construction maybe I would feel differently about the new building that is taking place in Totnes. It just seems a cynical way for landowners to make a profit without regard for the wider community

Stephanie Lange

I love Totnes, my parents have live in Totnes since the 70s and it is just a lovely Community . It has its own money Totnes money and its mostly a community of artists . I would like my grandchildren to see it as it is today and will by in the future ))))

Mark Chandler

I have voted Tory all my life, but this unthinking destruction of our countryside means that I will, for the first time, abstain from voting.

Susan Foster

These houses are being built for the rich and are in no way fulfilling the need for truly affordable housing for local, lower income, or rather, normal income families who want to stay in their home area. Theses schemes are ill considered and greedy. What is the point of having a “green”belt then building all over it? Also the additional building at the top of the town may contribute to more run-off and an increased risk of flooding in the town.


Totnes born and bred, I now live 7 miles away. Totnes does not need to be swamped with houses that the locals cannot afford to live in to put money in the hands of developers and aggrandise the local councillors. You will kill the gooses that lays your golden eggs. Totnes will lose its magic and be the same as anywhere else. Then who will want to come here?


many people in totnes want to build their own houses and live in communities. Let the land around totnes be available to these type of projects prior to quick new builds.

Rupert Callender

These housing schemes are ill placed and will contribute to the traffic gridlock of the town. They are not commissioned with any genuine concern for housing needs or environmental considerations, or with any grand social vision in mind. They are a quick fix, money making scheme that will destroy a vibrant functioning local economy putting too much strain on schools, medical centres, shops and agricultural land. It is social theft. Enough.

Elizabeth Sheen

I lived at Dartington for many years and grew to love Totnes for it’s beauty anf friendly size and character..why do such places have to be developed and spoiled. It is unique in many ways. Please keep it that way.

Dave Heath

Short term gain for individuals at the long term loss of the locals community!

Andrew Calderbank

lived and studied for three years in this beautiful town. It is a gem in the Devon countryside. Over development will utterly ruin it.

Kanada Elizabeth Gorla

local sustainable and affordable community-led housing led and supported by the people of Totnes – yes; no to profit-driven, expensive housing built on green field sites and agreed in non-transparent and non-democratic ways.

Kai’a Bellamy

I’ve lived in Totnes all my life and one of the best things about it is the surrounding countryside! Stop building houses on our beautiful nature!

Philip O’Hara

It’s not simply the building that is being objected to, as obviously we need new houses. It is the type of houses (expensive) and more importantly the lack of concurrent infrastructural development that is a worry. The houses are going up simply to make money and not to contribute to the common good.


Supporter of Totnes having democratic control of what happens in their area – this is not democratic nor sustainable.

Daniel Bruce

The creation of more and more buildings is neither good for people or their environment. It is hiwever very good for the developers who build them and the banks who lend on them. That is not worth sacrificing the Future of our town and countryside for.

Linda Collard-Baker

I am horrified to know of the development in and around Totnes. It’s charm will be destroyed. Developers are destroying the golden egg and frankly could not care. The infrastructure simply will not take it.Totnes will not be Totnes. I have watched this happen over the past decades. It has proved very distressing. We simply must democratically halt this inappropriate development

Paul Jayson

We are treating home building as a pure source of profit and not to make homes for people who need them. We need to rethink this in an intelligent way. We have tens of thousands of miles of coast, rivers and canals that could be used for house boats and when the population declines we can re-assign the boats. Simple!

Olivia Johnson

I have never felt so strongly about signing a petition before. This once beautiful town has been completely ruined by cheap box housing estates being built. Now everywhere you go all you can see is builgings that are a complete eye sore to the countrysides and forests that we are so lucky to have surrounding our town. Please make the newest one that has ruined the Totnes to Dartington cycle path be the last.

Rachel Scholefield

We need affordable homes for local young people to rent or buy but not homes advertised for commuters to Plymouth and Exeter because the traffic problem is already huge.


In addition to inadequate infrastructure to cope with proposed development there is also the question of who the houses are for. There is little affordable housing being created for the people who live in the area and instead inflated housing prices have lead to investors purchasing for second homes and buy to let. The building does not reflect the local heritage and goes nowhere near enough to addressing future needs for energy saving and food production.


Caspar Walsh

There does not seem to be the infrastructure to support this. Traffic is already putting the town under a great deal of pressure. Another 1000 cars moving about daily? How do you propose to deal with this. With the ensuing pollution? Safety? Parking?

Colin Moore

We need appropriate building to cater to the real needs of the people who live here. Not the kind that is happening now.

Caroline Bailey

stop this outrageous proposal to overdevelop the land around Totnes, there is no infrastructure, no jobs, few schools and 2 hospitals added to which the air pollution levels are higher than the legal limit.

Peter Shearn

The developments currently underway do not address the housing needs of ordinary people. They are high cost residencies for the priviledged and are arbitrary profit making schemes that will actively damage the town.

Stephanie Bailey

Disgraceful sell off of our community and its environs, for whom? We need a moratorium, NOW!

Kiki Kellali

This has to stop or the whole beautiful area will be destroyed and for what……….GREED of a handful!!

Lillian Romme

You won’t be able to change it back so take a stand and save this beautiful place and build houses for need not for greed

Marcea Colley

Enoughs enough! Were a little Elizabethan town not a suburbia ville!

Janet Chapman

Totnes only needs a few houses for local people and definitely NOT more second homes or buy-to-let properties.

Bob Janes

The stupid local authorities cannot see how much damage they are doing ruining the town the countryside the roads are not big enough nor the amenities,,,hospitals and doctors cannot cope …

John Sargeant

It is such a beautiful place let’s not spoil Totnes

Poppy Malone

We need homes – but we don’t need more of these ugly, flimsy, built for profit rabbit hutches blighting our green fields. Beautiful, affordable, social and with the blessing of local residents please.

Ruud Deering

If the new buildings would be affordable housing for local people, however that is not the case. Follaton Oak is building on a green site and the prices are from £ 340,000 to £ 750,000. Not for locals and what about the infrastructure? New roads, schools, parking etc etc?

Kyle Perkins

Building for profit and outpricing local residents as well as the distruction of our green spaces is detrimental to the people of totnes and the totnes way of life.

Jenny Quick

These developments have gone through despite local concerns…. They are not ‘affordable’ for local people. the balance and unique character of the town is being eroded.

A White

By having a funky successful tolerant town, in a beautiful area everyone wants to move there. Perhaps instead of concreting over Totnes we should help make many more towns funky, successful beautiful tolerant and green.

Sarah Lawrence

The infrastructure of our small town cannot stand the scale of housing development that is currently happening. The type of cost of the houses is not even addressing the local housing need.

Christine Willis

The whole building plans and its effects on Totnes need reviewing.

Brett Cloud

Need, not greed!

Lindy Petersen

Please stop ruining the beauty of your countryside and turn it into strip malls, housing developments the eradicate our wonderful culture.

Guy Davies

Would love to know how many of the new properties are second homes ? I bet the Steamer Quay development, in particular, will be gobbled up as second homes, or buy to let.

Linnie Price

The scale of development is unsustainable. These are not homes local people can afford. We are struggling to understand why this incontinent development is allowed when the infrastructure is clearly unable to support it.

Margaret Woodward

Thank you Georgina – we as residents of South Hams need a voice to express our anger and our sadness at this unscrupulous destruction of this beautiful area. Population growth cannot be solved in this way – affordable homes for local people are necessary but the new builds can only make the situation worse. Use existing homes and brownfield sites not farmland – that is precious and will be needed to feed our expanding population in the near future. Planners beware -think of the outcome for future generations.

Annie Leymarie

Interestingly, nearby Newton Abbot (which also has much new development) is now one of the 5 UK towns with the lowest house price growth, although it’s not quite negative. I wish this could put developers off! Our traffic problems are becoming horrendous, and all infrastructures are overstretched. The only homes needed here are genuinely affordable eco-homes.

Carole Bishop

Housing should be geared to local needs, not left to profiteers.

Guillemette Lanoe

Traffic in and out of Totnes has become insane!

Barbara Pieterse

I lived in Totnes for 6 years and loved every minute – the tragedy unfolding around this superb town is unspeakable. Please use some common sense in town planning – please!

Ros Bourne

Please. I mean really. I was born in Totnes and right now it is utterly appalling what is happening to our lovely town.

Maia Sutherland

Please. I mean really. I was born in Totnes and right now it is utterly appalling what is happening to our lovely town.


No thought for infrastructure. Also most estates only one road in and out – i.e. more congestion!

Maria Manning

The historic town of Totnes is being swallowed up by endless rabbit hutch developments. DARTINGTON is being over developed. It is a village yet we now have greedy developers covering it with vastly overpriced houses. Which no local person can afford. Yet we still have only one main road from Dartington to Totnes which spends most time at a standstill allready. DISGUSTING AVARICE.

Liz Roberts

I work in Totnes and having family and friends there I am appalled by all the houses being built in and around the town. Yet none care affordable for young people or those on a budget like me the town is slowly and surely being spoilt .


these things can never be reversed, please consider our childrens childrens children


I grew up in Totnes. Overbuilding will destroy the area and likely the tourism industry with it.

Jo Henderson

Please consider what actions you are taking and for whose benefit.

Gill Pedrick

Born and bred in Totnes and had lived their all of my 57 years, only moved out due to excess traffic caused by all the developments. Our green space is being taken over by unaffordable housing for the wealthy!


The houses that are being built/proposed are not affordable to locals living and working in the area. Villages are losing their “villageness” and communities are being destryed. They will become dormitory towns, eventually becoming suburbs of the existing bigger towns…….the South east is coming to the South west. This just cannot be allowed to happen. Once built on, the land is gone for ever. Please stop this social rot from setting in. Look again at imminent-start projects. We need to retain the character and beauty of our green and pleasant land. New towns are perhaps a better way to go, rather than this endless stretching and over subscription to inadequate, ageing infrastructures that are already struggling to cope.

Michael Rose

A few years ago Totnes Town Council ran a survey of residents views on the number of new homes up to 2020 we could cope with re. our existing infrastructure. 400 maximum was the result. That result is still cogent, and yet apparently over a thousand are in the planning pipeline and going through !! What is worse, it was generally understood that ‘Windfall Housing’ — building houses in your garden that were exempt from housing quotas — meant just a few, but in actuality can be a 100 for example if there is space ! Very few of these houses turn out to be actually ‘affordable’ .

Della Joint

If people love Devon for what it is now, but build houses on the green fields that they come here to see,, by moving here it will no longer be the Devon that we once had and green fields lost forever


If the government was really concerned about affordable homes for locals they would be encouraging self build opportunities. Instead they are pandering to the those who already have homes elsewhere and treat Devon as a ‘theme park’ and to those who revel in raking in excessive rents. Greed whichever way you look at it. And.. I don’t even dare start on about sustainability !! Optimistically, I am encouraged by what seems to be a ground swell of opposition to these indiscriminate developments both county and countrywide.

Gill Pedrick

Being born and bred in Totnes I have moved to Paignton because of the already increased traffic meaning queues of cars spilling more fumes into the atmosphere Less large 2nd homes, more thought in how to utilise the homes we have and provide for locals to keep them in their home town. Sewerage plant already spills into the Dart so who knows ehat will happen with the extra houses being built. School teachers are already under pressure so where will all the additional children go?

Caroline Whyman

I agree with some of the comments about traffic – it is already crowded in Devon during the summer when millions of visitors flock to Devon – to enjoy the COUNTYSIDE! Not to see whole villages and towns developed into Noddy land!

Lorraine Jury

20 years I have lived in a beautiful village. Sadly developers are building estates on the edge of the village and totally destroying green fields and wildlife corridors. The roads are extremely congested, constant traffic jams, making people take short cuts through the narrow lanes, this is making it very unsafe for walkers with push chairs, small children and or dogs, the drivers are always in a hurry, they don’t slow down, this is making the lanes through the village extremely dangerous. There has been very little thought about how the village primary school is going to cope with influx of children when these expensive family homes become occupied, the prices are well out of the league of the youngsters who have grown up in the village. I am appalled at the way this government has just decided that building houses with no thought of how areas are to deal with more people and cars. Also the sort of people who are desperate for housing cannot afford £500,000 for a house. Typical greedy fat cats, probably back handers being given out, just wanting to destroy our beautiful Devon. So why don’t they just “”Do One”” and leave our village alone!!!!!!!


This isn’t needed we need more business for family to get jobs to be able to fill the empty houses that there are soo many of around Devon it’s people from outside Devon buying property and renting it for Unaffordable prices there’s so many houses newly built in so many areas


We do not have the infrastructure or employment opportunity for building houses on this scale. Local people struggle enough to get work and make ends meet as it is. Most work is seasonal and the amount of houses planned would build a wilderness of unemployed. Can the council afford the benefit bill and the support that will be necessary. What is SHDC thinking of?

Sumeda de Silva

Building more houses in devon is a bad idea firstly because the roads cant take many more cars and we are having traffic problems as it is. Also my next door neighbour put in a planning permission request for a conservatory but was denied as she was told that she is in a place of natural beauty but the government are going to build 200 odd houses right next door to her! Another point is that local schools are so full that some of them have got a waiting list as there are too many children already. Which means they will have to build another school which means every town will become a city. And why do you want every village to become a city, polluting the air even more making global warming an even worse case. Why?

Sarah de Silva

18 years ago when I moved here it was a lovely little village. Now we have a large housing estate and plans for another with industrial units…All in an AONB. A few years ago my neighbours put in a planning application for a small conservatory (could only be see by us!) They were refused because of said AONB…..so this looks like the government can rewrite the rules every time there is a chance of a fat back hander

Christine Eckersley

Totnes & Devon do not have the infrastructure to support all these new houses!
Catherine Sleigh
Housing needs to be planned and should definitely meet high design and environmental standards. Where possible existing houses should be rennovated in preference to new builds. Building houses shouldn’t be an “easy” way to stimulate the economy. We need landscape and we need buildings that are beautiful to be in.
Susan Kuchenberg
I have seen some very insensitive development just down the road from me. This is so ugly -no need for it. There are plenty of talented imaginative architects. Sites should not be driven by profit but by aesthetics too. Building on farmland is madness. We might not need it because we import food today but we cannot know what the international world will be like into the future.
Alex Brown
There are enough houses now. We live here because the land is beautiful and having space and land brings peace and joy. This land our home and we don’t want anymore buildings. There are enough empty ones to home everyone. Reduce rents! Stop being greedy ! Please!
Ruth Baker
I am deeply concerned about the level of development in Devon. My concerns are: the amount of greenfield sites being built upon. This land will never be recovered. The lack of infrastructure to support these developments. Traffic in South Devon is absolutely gridlocked most of the time. It regularly takes me an hour to travel 4 miles in one direction and hour to travel 10 miles in another direction and this is not necessarily at rush hour. P Please stop take a good look at what is already going on and review your plans.
Cathy Newman
Apart from the obvious, i.e. destroying what makes Devon desirable and beautiful, a wonderful rural county, there is absolutely no thought here to the infrastructure. The impact on the roads, health service, schools etc will be a TOTAL disaster and there will be NO going back….Devon will be ruined FOREVERMORE. I WEEP.
Only build when there is demonstrable need and country lanes can cope. Our rural towns are choked by cars and parking and environments which should be protected are being destroyed.
John Whitaker
Build sustainably for communities, not for altruistic developers.
Michael Dagg Heston
This is terrible news… When will this stop? Will it ever stop? The amount of homes that the Government wants to build is overwhelming. Nobody wants this. STOP
Darren James
Totally unsustainable it must stop
Stop the development of Great Court Farm in Totnes. The loss of this farm and the development of yet more unaffordable houses is unsustainable and will choke our beautiful town .
Stop Thinking about numbers start thinking about people.
Mike Cosgrove
We simply don’t have the infrastructure to cope with development on this scale. Start pairing it with a massive expansion in usable and affordable public transport and we might have a basis for reassessment. This is a very, very long way off, and has been for the entirety of my several decades living in this amazing county.
Vivien Young
i am so dismayed at the councils inability to stand up to the governments policy of building over Devon simply to meet the numbers dictated…without a conscience or thought of the real facts. People need somewhere affordable and local homes for local people. I live in Chillington where an outside developer wants to slap another 70 houses on a green field site. Our A road cannot cope with who passes through as it is! Our schools are rammed and our village will become a soulless overcrowded housing estate where the feelings and peaceful way of life are ridden rough shod over by some rich MPs/developers for profit. It really is about time we stopped this awful swathe of developments which bring no value and carve out never to be seen again fields, hills and anything else in their path. I am a strong believer in waking up en mass to this epidemic. I am against more second homes being built for people to snap up and leave empty. I also fear that problem families from inner cities will be given homes in our town and villages as our councils are too weak to say no to the money being offered to accept them. Georgina, you are doing a splendid job and I support you. Can we be on Spotlight about it?!
Kay Crook
A looming threat to the lives of the rural communities of Devon and to our beautiful countryside, to be buried under a mass of concrete and new builds. What a horrible loss that would be.
Jacqui Perks
too many house and not enough infrastructure. Where is all the money going when developers put some into a pot to pay for road infrastructure. In totnes (with 8 new developments taking place….surely Devon County Council have an obligation to spend in Totnes not elsewhere in the county??
Ellie Hale
The long term impact of building houses in inappropriate locations has not been thought out. It’s the destruction of the countryside, the destruction of communities and the loss of acres of farmland making us more and more dependent on imported food.
Mark Maynard
What Totnes needs is real, affordable housing and money spent on the infrastructure to support that. At the moment we have housing that is not affordable for most and no money being spent on basic infrastructure to support those houses. Why have one without the other? Where is the future thought?
This is not a solution to anything, it is instead another way for crooked politicians to continue to create a hyper inflated economy and to line their greedy pockets by investing in cheap build houses that they can sell for maximum profit. As well as this, there is a total and utter disregard and lack of respect for the relatively pristine and untouched natural surroundings that are part of the heritage and culture of this local area. Disgraceful. This is all being done under a guise of helping create jobs, homes and bolstering the economy, when the real truth is we live in a faith based debt system where banks literally create the money for mortgages out of thin air. No amount of ‘bolstering’ by flustered crooked politicians in parliament will change this hard cold fact! ..whether or not people choose to acknowledge it, is something else. Total reform of the banking system would be the only way to achieve a fair deal for the common people. We live in a fraudulent system, where the decisions made are generally not for the common good, and the general public are starting to fully realise this. Irregardless of any of this, in everyday reality, most young people even when in full time employment cannot afford to buy a home, including these ones. Additionally, there are also already over 12,000 ‘second homes’ owned in Devon alone. Totnes could also be a leading force with alternative sustainable and intelligent development strategies – we can do better than this.
Ian Tucker
landowners and developers making quick money in Totnes without any thought for future effects.
Emma Coombes
This hurts my heart
Yvonne Napper
The government policy is absurd and I for one am totally fed up with seeing my beloved countryside overwhelmed by so called “development” – soon Devon will be a memory, lost forever, and future generations will be left to lament their ancestors’ (us!) lack of foresight & care, and our utter stupidity! There is NO need for more housing here – who for, exactly??!! First step is to ban second homes & holiday homes – there should not be one single new house being built anywhere in Devon until those that stand empty most of the year are occupied BY LOCAL PEOPLE – people who are actively contributing to the social, environmental, economical and cultural well-being and sustainability of the town/village they live in. That also means no benefit or retirement migration. It is simply not sustainable here. Building on green sites needs to be outlawed immediately! Already the sheer volume of traffic engulfing our beautiful countryside is ruining it: dead animals litter the roadsides (along with actual litter!!) and ever more enormous vehicles are hurtling over beautiful, sacred, so called protected space like Dartmoor. As for building more houses there…..heartbreaking is the word. Those in power should be ashamed. But then, if that particular aspect of something that used to be called “having a conscience” played any significant part in their thinking, we wouldn’t be sending petitions around! As long as the almighty £€$¥ outweighs anything else on our planet, those of us who truly care what happens to our Earth will have our work cut out to protect it. Which is why I salute the lady who set this petition up and will wholeheartedly support her and all others who oppose this kind of short sighted reactionary policy making! I encourage you to do the same!
John Caley
To build more and more housing estates without infrastructure, we end up turning small historic towns like Totnes into something like Wembury – a giant dormitory housing estate with 2000+ people, one school, one pub, one village store etc. Not sustainable, and short-sighted.
Monica Bailey
All this new building without changing any of the local infrastructure?! And what about all the new traffic and pollution levels? Pollution levels in and around Totnes are already above the legal limit!
Caroline Wakelin
People need affordable housing in cities, the housing crisis will not be solved by building in our villages, this is just profiteering. Lack of social housing and the buy to let landlords are destroying families through lack of affordable homes. There are currently enough vacant properties to house every homeless person in the UK 10 times over. It’s not lack of homes it’s the distribution.
Deborah Kermode
These housing projects are not supporting local communities, but destroying them. The prices of the houses being built are completely out of reach of the young people who need them .
Maite Alonso
Totnes is turning into a nightmare of traffic and parking spaces problem and still more and more building is happening in the town not considering the citizens who live here
Tilly Meredith
Infrastructure! We already have gridlock in Totnes. There are already five different sites being developed around the town without any improvement of roads, hospitals, doctors surgeries. This seriously worries me.
Ruby Starhart
Why has our CLT been unable to acquire land for a self build project and then planners allow housing developments that as others have said, will stretch the infrastructure, be unaffordable to the local community and there are no jobs for people? Not to mention irreversible damage to our AONB.
Rod Edwards
No new schools, no new or improved Doctors surgeries, no new hospitals, no consideration of the time it will take care assistants to get from one elderly person to the next because of traffic congestion. 10 minutes from Totnes is a small town with a huge derelict factory site (Buckfastleigh) with excellent access to the A38. Any developers interested? No of course not when you can charge twice as much for a house in Totnes. Get rid of this dreadful government!
Annabel Salomonz
The building work going on around Totnes is very concerning. the infrastructure of the town cannot support the traffic and the pollution is very high.
Stephanie Bailey
I am particularly concerned at the speed with which these developments are going up, with absolutely no plans to improve local infrastructure. Local infrastructure seems not to have been updated or looked at for the past 25 years. Air-pollution levels are at a record high, and public transport is overpriced and under resourced. Any schemes and ideas that locals want seem to be turned down. We do not like how our public servants are making decisions.
Samuel Calabrese
I have been trying to get a house here for years and yet even with all this building of ‘affordable houses’ I still can’t get one. This is all about a lot of rich developers using the housing crisis to make a lot of money.
Juliet Hutchinson
We simply should build to sustain a community while retaining as much of our countryside as possible. Second homes houses with big price labels kill communities and force locals out.
Brenda Walker
No more new build in Chillington, we are being swamped with new houses. Enough is enough. At the end of the day the A379 through Chillington cannot cope with the traffic now, the school, the medical centre are just about coping, and you want to build more. Leave our village alone
Julia Cooper
There is not the infrastructure in place to cope with this building in small communities and the resultant traffic congestion makes life he’ll for all those who live there – ask the people who live in Kingsteignton and Teignmouth where a 5 minute car journey can now take 30. Unfortunately most people living in Devon do not have access to the public transport network we have in Devon and all these new houses being built mean at least two more cars on the road per house. This is before we get on to the fact that you are destroying the character if the AONB where you are allowing building to take place. Stop. Please think about the future.
Carol Edgington
We have enough houses in Chillington and do NOT want any more – the village would be overwhelmed.
I want to live in a village – not a small town with few facilities. Brown fiels sites, ‘Yes’…but green field, surely a ‘No’.
Beth Heaney
It worries me that green belt is being destroyed. The term is redundant to money grabbing developers. How can this be happening under our noses?
Yvonne Kelly
The excessive, unaffordable and inappropriate housing development taking place in Totnes and surrounding areas is ruining our beautiful town. It is high time that our representatives at Follaton House recognised this fact and started supporting the wishes of the local population by saying no to greedy developers and having the courage to reject government diktats which ignore the wishes of the people living in the area.
David Hurford
It’s happening all over the place in North Devon, and the Council just leans over and approves everything. Just as described in Georgina’s Daily Mail article, 20.10.15.
Hundreds more unaffordable houses in Totnes, chewing into greenfield sites and natural habitats. Hundreds more garages, hundreds more private cars and traffic pollution to choke on. And this is a Green town?
Lyn Brown
Please, Please, Please take notice of the public feeling. Build REAL affordable housing in areas where the infrastructure can take it and not expensive houses that the locals cannot afford!
Elisabeth Gates
Houses being built by developers are too expensive for local people. There is no shortage of property for sale in Kingsbridge. Affordable homes to buy or rent are what is needed. The “affordable” homes built by developers are out of reach of local young people. The only people who will benefit from the proposed K5 development will be incomers.
Keith Turner
Giving developers a free rein to use greenfield sites is reckless vandalism of a beautiful county. There are brownfield sites which are ignored – WHY?
Carol Ridge
Chillington is on the brink of having yet another housing development being tacked on to the north side of the village which is causing deep unrest amongst the residents generally. I totally support Georgina Allen’s heroic efforts to prevent further housing developments in the south west, in particular Totnes and Dartington.
Janet Chapman
We need truly affordable homes for people already here not expensive ones for incomers and second homes
Vivien Thorogood
All this building on green fields is going to destroy the essence of devon. It is a big mistake and one that will not be able to be reversed. Proceed with caution..it is a bad legacy to leave for future generations. We do need new housing but not at the expense of our green fields and wild life.
Fiona Ripley
No jobs..no salary…so therefore cant afford to buy …we cant keep on ripping up the countryside…we cannot replace it
Tim Pearce
I fully support the sentiments set out in the overview. I fail to understand why large residential developments are being built in an area designated as an AONB where there are no jobs for the incoming residents, insufficient infrastructure and virtually no public transport.
When the average take home pay in Devon equals that of the top earners in London then our young people will be able to afford to live where they grew up. This needs to change.
Michael Starks
Persimmon want to build 77 houses in a beautiful green field site to the west of Ivybridge. Nearly 500 are to be built to the East of Ivybridge when the Towns allocation to meet the UK target is 375. The extra houses can only be fuelled by greed not need.
Michael (Mick) Garrod M.B.E.
As a member of the Chillington Housing Action Team we are heading for a fight with Acorn Property Group over the proposed building of up to 70 houses on a Greenfield Site in our village (in the heart of South Hams). Another example of beautiful Devon countryside being destroyed if planning approval is granted for houses the village does not want – does not need – the current infrastructure cannot sustain. Good on you Georgina we fully support you and sincerely urge thousands more to sign your petition.
Paul Farrier
Truly affordable local homes on small developments using various schemes available for local people are what is needed not “for Profit”large scale developments which are ruining our unique landscape which brings in much needed revenue from the tourist trade will tourists still come to see housing estates!!!
John Graham
This petition should be supported by everybody who loves Devon. We urgebntly need to provide affordable housing for people who work here, but we should resist speculative building with all our might.
Samantha Whittington
This is completely irresponsible planning – the developers are building over everything and no one can stop them!
Matt Prince
Reuse existing brownfield sites, rather than trashing new AONB sites without thought for sustainability, infrastructure. Devon the metropolis will be a Devon without soul.
Samuel French
This is mass building without thought or care, covering the countryside with hideous, boxes without infrastructure or thought of local people or wildlife – its a disaster in the making.
Heather Strong
I have lived in Devon for more than 60 years and love it, I’m appalled at the totally unnecessary and thoughtless development which threatens to ruin it.
Tania Kennedy
There is no point building houses when there is no work to support the families who will live in them all you will do then is create deprived areas. It makes more sense to build closer to industry so industry can grow and share it’s success.
It time central government looked at where there is work and then built accordingly. These new homes can only work for yet more holiday lets and second homes or retirees, the latter will simply overload our health system, already stretched to bursting from April to October each year.
Cat C
Houses for need yes, this plan is for greed… Crappy houses sold at a premium destroying natural beauty wildlife and community
L Selene
I am sick of seeing yet more shoddy houses going up in my area which will retail from quarter to three quarters of a million pounds when I am in housing need
Alan White
Stop this kind of building in the lovely little village of Dartington?
Trudy Turrell
Gerald Cox
The relaxation of the planning laws has been a disastrous governmental decision. It is resulting in further destroying what little countryside we have left. The houses being built in the South Hams are of no benefit the the tens of thousands of local people who need housing. Large scale profits are as always going into the pockets of a few large developers.
Mostapher Zaher, Afghanistan
Please save the beauty of the English rural areas.
This is absolute destruction of our beautiful Country & it’s countryside all because the government are allowing huge amounts of immigrants in to flood our very over populated Country already. These houses are not needed for the British people here already. Close the borders, remove the illegal immigrants, criminals and benefit fraudsters then the Country will cope better. It’s not rocket science, it’s common sense!
Danielle Sorrenti
My family is in Devon. I want to move back myself. Please stop this and keep its beauty and natural space.
Nicola Campbell WA
Every time I go home the is less and less of “England’s green and pleasant land”
Kathy Sassoon, Australia
Please put in a moratorium on this kind of senseless development so that more thought can be given to this. The SouthWest is part of the heritage of every Briton and we have a responsibilty to protect this heritage for the amenity and livelihoods of future generations.
Patricia Footer
I know this area very well and many friends live there, this is not the way to help the housing shortage, it’s just developers making money.

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