1. I agree with your comments about new developments in Totnes – has Transition Town Totnes also taken up the cause? TTT very successfully marketed Totnes as a global brand 10 years ago, based on (and sometimes claiming credit for) its pre-existing strong sense of community involvement, reputation for alternative thinking and green/sustainable credentials – all of which are missing in the drive towards greater profit by large developers. So what can one say has been TTT’s overall impact on Totnes, other than sharing its uniqueness with the world and thereby creating a property demand that was not there before, particularly for second homes? TTT chose not to become involved in the other large issue that has dominated Totnes for the last 2 years: traffic in the High Street. Given their expertise in campaigning, media promotion, ‘rent-a’crowd’ tactics and contacts in government, their support for traffic reduction in the High Street and less housing development would have been a valuable contribution. Perhaps it is not too late for them to add their weight? Thank you for your work.

    • I completely agree Sue, the only response I’ve had from them, is that they didn’t want to comment because they were also involved in building and therefore were not in a position to do so?! Its been disappointing – I love the ambition of Atmos, but it all feels rather remote and idealistic now, when faced with the reality of what’s happening.

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